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Stop by and check out my two talks and poster at #AIChE! One talk will be on electrochemical fuel ionic liquids, and the other will be on previous research with @ManthiramLab at the Echem Faculty Session. The poster will be on future ideas in the Faculty Poster Session.

Hi everyone! I will be presenting two talks at #AIChE. One talk will be on modeling BPM structure-property relationships, and the second is on their application in carbon capture! My mentee, Kaitlin Corpus, will also give a poster on our Tafel analysis work with @ManthiramLab!

October in Pasadena is perfect weather for group hikes!

We had a great time diving into Eaton Canyon Falls over the weekend (and diving into great Thai food after😊).

Manthiram Lab postdoc power 💪
Thanks to @JasonSAdams for leading our #FundamentalsFriday today.

@racheljbaker17 @wesleykchang @Chenically @dubose_jeff

Meet Haochen (@Chenically)! He received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, developing efficient electrocatalysts for CO2/CO reduction and alkane activation employing kinetics, DFT calculations, and spectroscopy under the supervision of Professor Qi Lu

Very honored to have written a preview for the Chorkendorff lab's excellent work on sustainable ammonia synthesis in the most recent issue of @Joule_CP, now online! Thanks to @KManthiram and @Joule_CP for the opportunity.
Read here:

Check out our newest paper in @ACSEnergyLett! @ZJSchiffer et al. report on the use of ammonium formate as a safe, solid energy carrier, achieving excellent faradaic efficiencies at both the anode and cathode.

That’s a wrap for the Echem GRC! Such an amazing experience representing the @ManthiramLab with @js_zeng and of course the wonderful @KManthiram! Looking forward to 2024 already! @GordonConf

Introducing… Jeff DuBose! Our newest postdoc did his PhD with @KamatlabND, where he utilized spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques to probe photocatalytic and photovoltaic materials.


We're very proud of our CamSURF summer undergrad Erin McMurchie for doing so well at Caltech Summer Seminar Day! She knocked it out of the park and enthralled her audience. Her hard work this summer has been inspiring and we're all excited to see what her future has in store!

Hi everyone! I’ll be giving two oral talks at #ACSChicago tomorrow!! Really excited to share this work in collaboration with @ManthiramLab and some other work I’ve been pursuing as part of @LiSA_Hub_DOE. Would love to see you there!

Finishing up introducing our current research group, we want to highlight our summer undergrad, Erin McMurchie! Erin is a 4th year undergraduate at the University of Cambridge with interests in renewable energy generation and sustainable fuels.

This is a very late welcome, but we’re thrilled to have James Wang @jamesbwang1 join our group! James is a rising second-year in chemical engineering @CaltechCCE and comes to us with experience in both industry and academia.

We’re so excited to welcome Jason Adams @JasonSAdams to the group as a postdoc! During his PhD, Jason performed thorough studies on the rate and selectivity of oxygen reduction to H2O2 over noble metal nanoparticles under different conditions.

The group has been growing at a rapid pace, so many intros coming over the next week! First off, we're thrilled to welcome Wesley Chang @wesleykchang to the group. Wes comes from the @steingart lab, where he worked on lithium metal batteries for his PhD.

We surprised our amazing PI @KManthiram with some presents for his incoming little one! Best of luck to you and @AmritaSaigal, Karthish - you'll be fantastic parents ⚡️

Huge congrats to Aditya Limaye @adityal on successfully defending his thesis, “Physical Models and Statistical Methods for Understanding Electrochemical Kinetics"! We were incredibly fortunate to have him in the group and are excited to follow what is sure to be a stellar career.

Just 1 week to go for our upcoming CRE webinar organized jointly with @aicheypc! Register NOW to learn more about @KManthiram's work in #electrification and #decarbonization of chemical synthesis! @ManthiramLab @CaltechCCE @Caltech

New preprint up at @ChemRxiv! @kjsteinb et al. (in collab w/ amazing group of @YuzhangLi at @UclaCBE) used a variety of surface techniques - most notably cryo-EM - to probe the mechanism of electrochemical nitrogen reduction to ammonia using lithium.

Pictured: our group all smiles after meeting so many fantastic prospective students! We’d say recruitment day round 2 with @CaltechCCE was a rousing success 🔥

We're rocking the first in-person recruitment day since 2019 at @CaltechCCE! Fantastic to meet so many talented prospective students🤩 #ComeForTheWeatherStayForTheScience

A hearty congratulations to Dr. Kindle Williams @ReadMeLikeANook on her successful thesis defense! Her work is titled “Overcoming challenges of fundamental electrochemical kinetic studies under dilute-reagent conditions.” #KineticsAreCool #PhDone ⚡️

The pre-prints keep coming! @ZJSchiffer et al. have a new work on @ChemRxiv demonstrating inner-sphere electrochemical reductive amination of benzaldehyde to benzyl amine. Check it out!

We want to officially welcome our new G1's in Chemistry at Caltech: Channing (@radicalchem), Thu (@thu_ton_2), and Chenyu (@ChenyuJ98)! It's great to have you all on the team! Here's to fulfilling and productive PhD journeys! 😀⚡⚗️

We have a new paper up on @ChemRxiv! @ReadMeLikeANook et al. demonstrate a method for measuring species activity using headspace-GC and find that the water dependence of HER changes rather drastically as a result. #ItsHERTime #WaterYouUpTo

Belated congratulations to Dr. Nathan Corbin on his successful thesis defense! His work is titled "Electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to value-added chemicals." ⚡#Electrocarboxylation #PhDone

Our new preprint (@ManthiramLab), with co-authors @adityal, Trent, @chung_minju, & @KManthiram, is now up on @ChemRxiv!

We show the importance of accounting for thermodynamic nonidealities in electrochemical kinetic studies!

A tweetorial 🧵... 1/16

New Publication in @ACSCentSci from Scott Affiliated Faculty Venkat Viswanathan(@venkvis) and @ManthiramLab
on designing electrolytes for Li-mediated NH3.
Read it here:

NEW in @ChemicalScience 📣 Suppressing carboxylate nucleophilicity with inorganic salts enables selective electrocarboxylation without sacrificial anodes by Karthish Manthiram et al. at @ManthiramLab 😍

Read it here ➡️

We had a fun time this weekend hiking Mount Monadnock! Here we are at the very peak of the thermodynamic landscape of southern New Hampshire. #AllDownhillFromHere #HighEnergy #TransitionState #InsertWittyJokeAboutVolcanoPlots

.@manthiramlab’s @chung_minju & @Kmanthiram take inspiration from the use of operando x-ray spectroscopy to understand active sites in #MOFs for #electrocatalysis!

#MatterIssue26 Preview:
@NatureEnergyJnl Research Article:

A huge congratulations to Zack Schiffer, the Manthiram Lab’s newly minted PhD! 🎓 Dr. Schiffer defended his thesis titled “Kinetic and Thermodynamic Aspects of Voltage as a Driving Force for Ammonia Activation” on Thursday.

Congratulations to Dr. Zack Schiffer on his thesis defense! Zack was a member of our 1st cohort of students - he established a clear vision for electrification of synthesis with a thermodynamic basis and new methods of generating C-N bonds, always blending theory and experiment.

Recently we had our fourth annual Manthiram Lab Candlepin Bowling Championship 🎳. @KManthiram had the high score - clearly he had been practicing at home during the pandemic! Wonderful to be able to restart this tradition in 2021!

It is a momentous occasion in the Manthiram Lab! We have minted our first-ever PhD! Congratulations to Dr. Nik Lazouski on successfully defending his thesis, "Development of a Lithium-Mediated Nitrogen Reduction Process."

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