Please RT. We are looking for #postdocs, who are interested in synthetic chemistry, #maingroupchemistry and luminescent materials. Email me ( if interested.

Honoured to be chairing the 1st @ChemPhysChem virtual symposium on CO2 reduction, on 29 September, especially with such an exciting lineup. Please sign up! @MariaEscEsc @KManthiram @fhi_mpg_de

Our first ever preprint is now up on @ChemRxiv! @adityal re-examined several Tafel datasets from the CO2 reduction literature using Bayesian data analysis. Our takeaway: let's rethink how we use Tafel data in electrochemical mechanistic analysis!

We have 10 postdoctoral positions immediately available in multiple sites @NSF_CSOE

Please share to anyone interested in highly collaborative research in synthetic organic electrochemistry.

Two postdoc openings in my group @NTUsg are now online! Come join us in Singapore! #compchem

We use a suite of computational modelling methods to understand and engineer catalysts at the atomic scale.

RTs are appreciated.


Prospective PhD students, I have an exciting vacancy on green ammnonia electrosynthesis @ImpMaterials, funded by @ERC_Research with @HallettGroup and @titiricigroup as cosupervisors (fully funded for UK and EU students). Please retweet

Huge congrats to Nik for having his work on non-aqueous GDEs for ammonia synthesis featured as this month's cover @NatureCatalysis! Turns out isolation proved a good time to learn to make 3D illustrations in #blender.

Check out the article here:

Do you want to become an excellent graduate student? @IbehOmodolor, Hope Otor & friends have organized a webinar to give you some advice: Saturday, 5/16 at 3 pm (info below). Everyone is welcome to attend! [RT's appreciated] @UToledo @UToledoCoE @NSBE @PhdExhausted @Dissertating

Post Doc Opportunity: Looking for a post doc with experience/interest in electrochemistry, electrochemical energy conversion, storage, membranes, water. Interested applicants please DM me for more information. Please RT #membrane @MembraneSociety @ECSorg

We've had two virtual birthday parties in the last couple of weeks! Good thing @KManthiram brought the candles. #HappyBirthday to Zack and Kindle, our resident April babies! #Zoom #AnotherYearCloserToPhD

We're terrible at tweeting stuff right when it happens, but isolation is an opportune time for #throwback to just a few weeks ago, when we went out and got ice cream to celebrate the temperature passing 20pi Fahrenheit. #SuchSweetTimes #TeaAndCoffeeFlavsForDays

Our group at Northeastern is looking for a post-doc in the area of solid electrolytes for Li-ion batteries. We're electrochemical engineers who look at cells holistically. If you know anyone who might be interested please pass it on. Thank you!

We're "hard at work" @BrookhavenLab - definitely "totally focused on XAS"

Gotta stay awake somehow 🚲🚲🚲🚲

#StayBetweenTheLines #AvoidTheWhiteLine #XraySafety #WhyArentYouGuysWearingHelmetsTho

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