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We are building an interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists who are intersted in using fundamental molecular-level understanding of electrocatalysts to develop practical solutions to pressing societal problems associated with chemical synthesis. We seek to work with our group members to help them develop the scientific and communication skills they need to become leaders in academia and industry.

  • Graduate Students: Students admitted to MIT are welcome to get in touch with Karthish to setup a meeting to discuss research interests and potential projects. Helen Arroyo ( can help schedule time to meet.
  • Postdocs: Please send Karthish an e-mail with your resume, three journal articles you have published, career goals, and projects in the Manthiram Lab that may interest you. Please include [Postdoc_Applicant] in the subject line of your e-mail.

Applicants with backgrounds in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and related subjects are encouraged to apply.


If you are on campus, you are welcome to attend our Group and Subgroup Meetings to see our group in action: 

All subgroup meetings are held in Karthish’s office, unless noted otherwise in the “Location” field on the calendar. The subgroup meetings on the calendar are labeled as follows:

  • Sub-C: Carbon dioxide reduction subgroup
  • Sub-N: Nitrogen cycle subgroup
  • Sub-O: Oxygen-transfer subgroup


Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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Matt (Admin): 626-395-2423 /  / Spalding 208

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