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The Manthiram Lab, led by Karthish Manthiram in Caltech’s Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, creates electrically-powered catalysts that use nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and water as sustainable inputs for chemical synthesis. We take pride in not just the science we do, but how we do it

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CO2 as C-atom source

Carbon-negative functionalization of molecules using carbon dioxide

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N2 as N-atom source

Dissociating dinitrogen molecules for chemical synthesis

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H2O as O-atom source

Transferring oxygen atoms from water to organic molecules

We innovate in the development of catalysts which drive selective organic electrosynthesis – this requires deep understanding of electrochemistry, organic chemistry, and materials chemistry, from both an experimental and theoretical perspective.   



Members of our team deeply analyzing carbon and oxygen atoms – sadly, candlepin bowling does not provide nitrogen atoms.


NEW in @ChemicalScience 📣 Suppressing carboxylate nucleophilicity with inorganic salts enables selective electrocarboxylation without sacrificial anodes by Karthish Manthiram et al. at @ManthiramLab 😍

Read it here ➡️

We had a fun time this weekend hiking Mount Monadnock! Here we are at the very peak of the thermodynamic landscape of southern New Hampshire. #AllDownhillFromHere #HighEnergy #TransitionState #InsertWittyJokeAboutVolcanoPlots

.@manthiramlab’s @chung_minju & @Kmanthiram take inspiration from the use of operando x-ray spectroscopy to understand active sites in #MOFs for #electrocatalysis!

#MatterIssue26 Preview:
@NatureEnergyJnl Research Article:

A huge congratulations to Zack Schiffer, the Manthiram Lab’s newly minted PhD! 🎓 Dr. Schiffer defended his thesis titled “Kinetic and Thermodynamic Aspects of Voltage as a Driving Force for Ammonia Activation” on Thursday.

Congratulations to Dr. Zack Schiffer on his thesis defense! Zack was a member of our 1st cohort of students - he established a clear vision for electrification of synthesis with a thermodynamic basis and new methods of generating C-N bonds, always blending theory and experiment.

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