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The Manthiram Lab, led by Karthish Manthiram in Caltech’s Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, creates electrically-powered catalysts that use nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and water as sustainable inputs for chemical synthesis. We take pride in not just the science we do, but how we do it

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CO2 as C-atom source

Carbon-negative functionalization of molecules using carbon dioxide

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N2 as N-atom source

Dissociating dinitrogen molecules for chemical synthesis

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H2O as O-atom source

Transferring oxygen atoms from water to organic molecules

We innovate in the development of catalysts which drive selective organic electrosynthesis – this requires deep understanding of electrochemistry, organic chemistry, and materials chemistry, from both an experimental and theoretical perspective. 

Our lab is also launching new efforts on facilitating efficient electron transfers to living cells – graduate students and postdocs interested in working in this new area are encouraged to reach out to Karthish.  



Members of our team deeply analyzing carbon and oxygen atoms – sadly, candlepin bowling does not provide nitrogen atoms.


Today we have our visiting student Gangsan Lee taking the group through x-ray scattering!

SAXS, WAXS, GISAXS, other-AXS... we got it all ☢️

Happy #InternationalWomensDay, folks!

In the Manthiram Lab, we celebrate the amazing work done by our women in science/engineering, pushing the forefront of decarbonization for a sustainable world! 🥳🙌

Group Boba / Dinner outing to celebrate our graduate student @chung_minju visiting us from the MIT cohort!

Minju is in town for the GRC/GRS on Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy Technology 🙌

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Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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