The Manthiram Lab is focused on creating electrically-powered catalysts which drive oxidation and reduction steps involved in chemical synthesis, using nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide, and water as sustainable synthons.

Coffee Bean

CO2 as C-atom source

Carbon-negative functionalization of molecules using carbon dioxide

Coffee Bean

N2 as N-atom source

Dissociating dinitrogen molecules for chemical synthesis

Coffee Bean

H2O as O-atom source

Transferring oxygen atoms from water to organic molecules



Members of our team deeply analyzing carbon and oxygen atoms – sadly, candlepin bowling does not provide nitrogen atoms.


My annual announcement:

If you are working alone in the lab over winter break, be safe! There may be times when you are the only person in the building. Let a friend or labmate know what time you plan to be in the lab & what time you plan to be home.

#chemtwitter #chemsafety

At our annual All-You-Can-Eat Sushi outing, we welcomed Katie to the team! You know what they say: labs that eat together publish well-written, reproducible, fundamentally sound science together! #DoTheySayThat #WeDontCare #WeTryItAnyway #DelishFish #AndFriedRiceForNateDogg

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